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Our Clientele

We have implemented, deployed, and currently maintain Odoo for 90+ companies from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500. Our clientele spans across a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, robotics, biomedical and many more.

Our success is built on yours – and we love what we do:

• 98% client satisfaction rate (67 customer ratings)

• 83% go live within 6 months (industry standard: 6-24 months)

• 98% retention rate (SMB industry standard: ~70%)

"[GFP] has helped us fundamentally transform our business! [They] have truly gone above and beyond - the best Odoo consultant that we have had assigned to us."

Max-Gain Systems

"Things have improved dramatically since [GFP] took over the account and we are moving forward with development at a tremendous rate!"

Harbour Outdoor

"[GFP] continues to do a great job helping to get our implementation completed. Lack of functionality in certain apps of Odoo have presented many unforeseen new challenges, but [GFP] is willing to tackle them and attempt to find ways to work around issues in the system."

Colloids for Life

"Very responsive, patient, knowledgeable. Fastest ERP implementation I've seen."

Rack King Limited

"Keeps exceeding expectations with great solutions to our questions and problems!"

National Guard Products
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